Ceramic Abrasive Abrasive Manufacturers Share The Characteristics Of Polishing Abrasives

April 13, 2019


Today Ceramic Grinding Abrasive manufacturers share knowledge of polishing abrasives.

First, the use and use of abrasives
Using advanced polycrystalline technology, adding 12 kinds of ore raw materials, after more than 20 production processes, combined with ultra-high temperature sintering. Combined with grinding and polishing, the combination of toughness and strength saves time and effort and is durable and durable. Advanced polycrystalline processes reduce polishing time, improve finish and increase productivity. According to the experiment, it can be used for edge polishing of various common metal parts, non-ferrous metal parts and non-metal parts, texture cleaning, polishing and purification, and finally achieve matt (diffuse) and bright (direct) effects.

1. Advanced polycrystalline technology, breaking transfer polishing technology, wear-resistant and durable, improve polishing efficiency.

2, the specifications are diversified, can be applied to polished workpieces of different sizes, different appearances and different shapes.

It can be polished on any polishing machine.
Second, the technical parameters of the abrasive

Workpiece processing requirements, abrasive specifications, abrasive workpiece ratio

Rough polishing to larger bristles, internal corners, deburring, rust removal, generally completed

High quality rough polishing abrasive 2:1-3:1

Polished to ordinary avant-garde, inverted inner corner, deburring, high finish

High quality medium polishing abrasive 2:1-3:1

Fine polishing to remove texture, pour into the inner corner, smooth to sub-gloss

High quality fine polishing abrasive 3:1-6:1

Finely polished, de-textured, inner corners, smooth and bright

Ultra-fine polishing abrasive 4:1-6:1
information about ceramic grinding abrasive : https://www.zhongyun-machine.com/product/abrasive/

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